Who shall claim the ultimate prize?


Who shall claim the ultimate prize?

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Game Outline

A Sport of Capturing Humans
Play in this fast paced inter-galactic sport, where you score points by capturing humans.

Unique Characters
Choose from up to eight different challengers, and pilot spaceships with their extraordinary weaponry; some can freeze incoming rockets, others can shield teammates, and some can simply and satisfyingly blow up opponents!

Compete in this fast paced, action packed arena, and enjoy how weaponry interact. The game relies on mechanical skills, and good understanding of each spaceship’s strengths and weaknesses inside this physics-based battle arena.

Local Multiplayer
You can play with friends locally in free-for-all or team oriented matches. Compete against your friends as a space combatant to see who is the best human hunter of all!

Online Multiplayer
Players can create rooms, and also navigate existing rooms to join other players to enjoy playing matches together over the internet.

A classic-style Arcade mode that tell stories of each character and what they have been promised in joining Nebulas Lasso. Some compete to reclaim lost glory, others compete to avenge their conquered race, while others simply enter for the joy of the hunt.

  • COUCH & ONLINE MULTIPLAYER with up to 4 players – team play & singles!
  • 8 unique challengers with their own arsenal!
  • 3 different game modes!
  • CPU players!
  • Cool tunes too that adds that edge to every match!


Which platforms will Nebulas Lasso be released on?
  • Nebulas Lasso is available on Steam, PS5 and PS4 platforms.
When will Nebulas Lasso be released?
  • It is already out! You can find it here & here 🙂
Where can I find Nebulas Lasso's community?
  • You can find us on Twitter, Discord, or you can simply email us directly! That info can be found in the section below. We are awaiting your fine comment 🙂


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